Testimonial Two

“I would highly recommend Alexander the Magician to anyone seeking a special guest performance for either an informal or formal social gathering. My guests were truly surprised and impressed with his worthy demonstrations. I hope that many people will be able to experience his talented show.”
Deke Penicnak

“Alexander performed at our company party a few months ago. He drew people into the process and brought laughter, 'oohs' and 'aahs' of amazement, and statements of disbelief - ‘How can he do that!?’ If you want someone professional, talented, and highly entertaining for your next event, contact Alexander.”
Lois Hartzler

"One of the very best busking magicians I have ever seen is a guy named Alexander Osborn. I saw his act in Quebec City a few years ago. Vito Lupo says that magic starts in the feet. Watch Alexander's feet - every step adds to the definition of his character and accentuates the effect. The act is true theatre."
Robin Dawes

"Alexander, I wish to take this opportunity to pass along my most sincere thanks and appreciation for your excellent, and most entertaining, magic show. It certainly was a wonderful addition to a perfect evening, and all of our invited guests enjoyed your show! Thank you so very much for such a wonderful and 'magical' time."
Steve E. Raphel

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