A beautiful photo of Alexander that captivates everyone who comes across it.

Alexander is a professional humorist, magician, and part-time muse. Raised in Michigan, he survived his childhood through sleight of hand and strangely supportive parents. He performed professionally throughout his university career, studying Threater and Philosophy to ensure his future employability.

From there, he set off to travel the world. Many a strange venue presented themselves - wine bars in Amsterdam, theatre festivals in Zurich, literal sausage festivals in Rome. One moment, a garden party in the Tuscan spring; the next, a neighborhood potluck in the Arab Spring.

Through his travels, Alexander learned to charm wise men, befuddle fools, inspire children, and defend his virtue from tenacious women.

Alexander currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, as he has always loved saunas.

Alexander brings over 20 years of performing experience and 30 years of charm directly to your stage, be it a banquet hall, a festival, or l'Grand Theatre du Monde (still awaiting invitation).